Author: Shaina


What does my family think of me? (self image). Education, happiness,depression

They maybe think that I am not a good  person and maybe think that l overprotective  people or they just want to know that when i get outside like what I’m doing in the streets if I’m doing good things or bad things. So that’s what I think they may think of me and that’s just me: I’m a good person. I like to help everyone in school, so that’s just my personality. Or they may think that if I’m sad or not when I sit in the house by myself. They not really honest with me because sometimes they lie to me.  I know they are lying from my experience, but I decided to research so that’s how I know they are lying to me.

Knowing when someone is lying to you is easy to see if they don’t look you in the eye. Lack of eye contact is one of the first non-verbal signs that someone is being deceitful” (9 Ways to Tell if a Person is Lying”).  In addition people who are lying don’t move and they speak slowly.