Posted by Jai on July 17, 2018

My Favorite Places , People and Things

I am from  mobile, from technology  and battery, electricity.
I am from the Garden that smells always fresh.
I am from the rose, the beauty of flower, more love.
I am from  Diwali and Holi.
from Aman  and Mohit and Akshit.
I am from the people who said work hard  and people who said focus From I don’t want to spend money on you and if you don’t leave your insistence I’ll be slap you..
I am from  Hindu.
I’m from India from  dal Roti.
From the Sagar he’s my friend he is very funny he always makes me happy and others too. He is very honest. the other is my cousin  he’s always in bad mood. If we talk with him normally he gets angry without any specific topic and the last one is my uncle he always in chill mood. He’s the one guy I love him so much and he also loves me. He never gets angry at me.
I am from Panipat from New Ramesh nagar and a big school near by my house.

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