The birds- seagulls are always flying behind the cloud. And they always see the cloud are not moving. They feel strange that why the cloud not moving, the cloud is not boring? The birds- seagulls can’t understand that. In a day, they decided to ask why:

Birds- seagulls: Hi! Cloud, Are you boring?

Cloud: I’m not boring.

Birds- seagulls: Why you are not boring? You are always in here and not moving. Are you waiting for someone?

Cloud: I’m not waiting for someone, I just look at the people in the world are happiness and I feel happy too.

Birds- seagulls: But the human are broking the world and natural, they make pollution to the air and ocean. They broke our home. They are bad.

Cloud: There are only some people doing that not all the people are doing. We should not say all the human are bad. There are people try to save our world.

Birds- seagulls: Okay, I will try to find out who is try to save our world and give them lucky. Can we be the friends? And if I have some question I can ask you.

Cloud: Of course.

As a result, they became the best friends of each other. They find out the people save the world and give them lucky. The people who got their help will said: “Thank you!” to them. Finally, they bring the people together and make the world much better.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Sheepshead Bay, My Beautiful Neighborhood. by Lining is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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