The space is beautiful. There is clean road and when I enter neighbor house they have so clean house. I belong to this space by my neighborhood live near at my house. My purpose in this space is my neighbor and my my family they become good friends because my neighbor speak Urdu and my family too so is easy to communicate with them. To add beauty we must have to clean.

Am i using this space by adding more new stuff and put things in decoration.My beautiful neighbor is nice with my family. They are 2 small brother and 1 small sister. We like to play with them a lot because they are so small and sweet. We enjoy with our neighbor so much and sometime we eat together.  Also, we go sometime park, grocery, and shopping store. I think is fun because our good story is remembered forever.


CC BY-SA 4.0 My neighborhood is gravesend by Maria is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Evelyn 4 hours ago

    your writing is and the picture is so beautiful I like how it looks like the space is clean.
    I like how your characterized is surprised to see that it is very clean.

  2. Huiwen 4 hours ago

    Your writing is so real but beautiful and peaceful. I like your writing for you show the life so close to us, and I can understand you better after reading your writing. After all, writing is a communication on paper. Hope I can read more of your writing so I can understand you more and more.

  3. rkallman 4 days ago

    Your story reminds me that a great neighborhood has less to do with the “outside” and is really about our neighbors and the simple pleasures we can share.

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