My name is Shaina Talleyrand and I was born in Haiti. I’am 15 years old, and

I have lived in Flatbush, Brooklyn for 2 years. In school I like to read and write,and when i’am out of school I like to go to the park with my friends. I’am particularly good at listen to people I became good at this because I like to pay attention to them. In the future, I would like to be an artist or a model I dream of to be famous.

I immigrated to new York 2 years ago. My life changed in many ways when I immigrated. The change i’m happiest about is to be in america with some of my family because without them i would not be here today. On the other hand, i’m sad that my sisters in Haiti. now I speak English a little bit but when I talk to people they tell me that i speak English very good but for me I think that I have to practice more so that I can read it and write it more. Which is make me very happy.

There was a time in my life when I experienced injustice. at my house in  my country when you finish eating, you have to wash your dishes. This was the time when I finished eating my lunch I did wash my dishes but  one of my sisters told my dad that I didn’t wash my dish so after that she made my dad punish me for that. Me and her just like bestfriend I love her so much so even after she did that to me but, I forgiven. In my opinion, this was not fair because I never expected that one day she would  do that.


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  1. Ashton 1 year ago

    I’m glad you’re with your family shaina, i appreciate you posting your story. English is tough to learn and its cool that you know how well to speak it in such a short amount of time. I’m happy that your in the unitUn States and I’m sorry that your sister is still in Haiti. In my class we are learning about immigration and I’m glad to here yours. I’m sure my class can relate to the same siblings problem you were having too.

  2. Amani Gray 1 year ago

    We’ve been learning about immigration in class and it’s great to hear your story. You’re so strong and I’m sorry you had to wash that dish.? I’m also sorry that you had to leave your sisters behind but I’m glad you got here safely and that you’re learning English. You type it really well.

  3. Oneishka Miranda 1 year ago

    Hey Shaina Talleyrand,Thank you for sharing your story with us I’m glad that you got to be with your family. My summer class is learning about Immigration. We can all relate to siblings getting you in trouble.

  4. Isaiah 1 year ago

    Hey Shaina i wanted to say thank you for sharing your story with everyone. I am glad you are happy and enjoying your life in the united states and i am sorry about your sister and that she is still in haiti. The story about the injustice you experienced over the dishes i can sympathize with that, siblings can be a pain some times and lie on you and it hurts.

  5. Cheistian 1 year ago

    Hi shaiina

    I just read your story and i think its great. I am glad you reunited with your family. i hope you follow your dreams and become a model or artist, also that you reunite with your sister.


  6. Jon Robinson 1 year ago

    Hey Shania Talleyrand thank you for sharing your immigration story, my summer school class is disscuing a lesson on immigrants and imigration. We all can relate to how your sibling got you In trouble but at the end of the day you still love her and she still loves you. We hope your life in Brooklyn is great.
    Reed’ s summer school class

  7. Milton 1 year ago

    This is a very good writing. You’re good at english to be here for such a short time. English is a hard language to learn. If you ever have time I’d like to know more about your difficulties and triumphs in Haiti. I hope you get to be a model like you want. Stay ambitious.

  8. alexis 1 year ago

    Hi shaina, welcome to america. Just to let you know, you will face way more injustices from people and it will not be over dishes. It looks like you dont need to much help with your english it looks great.

  9. Sean Simon 1 year ago

    This is a nice story, Im glad you got to be with your family when you moved to america. Doesn’t seem like there has been much struggle being an immigrant so thats great. In my class we have been learning about immigration and its awesome to hear your story.

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