Posted by Shaina on July 12, 2018

My Life

My name is Shaina Talleyrand and I was born in Haiti. I’am 15 years old, and

I have lived in Flatbush, Brooklyn for 2 years. In school I like to read and write,and when i’am out of school I like to go to the park with my friends. I’am particularly good at listen to people I became good at this because I like to pay attention to them. In the future, I would like to be an artist or a model I dream of to be famous.

I immigrated to new York 2 years ago. My life changed in many ways when I immigrated. The change i’m happiest about is to be in america with some of my family because without them i would not be here today. On the other hand, i’m sad that my sisters in Haiti. now I speak English a little bit but when I talk to people they tell me that i speak English very good but for me I think that I have to practice more so that I can read it and write it more. Which is make me very happy.

There was a time in my life when I experienced injustice. at my house in  my country when you finish eating, you have to wash your dishes. This was the time when I finished eating my lunch I did wash my dishes but  one of my sisters told my dad that I didn’t wash my dish so after that she made my dad punish me for that. Me and her just like bestfriend I love her so much so even after she did that to me but, I forgiven. In my opinion, this was not fair because I never expected that one day she would  do that.