Posted by Mamoun on July 12, 2018

Mamoun’s Immigration Story

I’m Mamoun Maflahi, The important things I want to know about me, are who I am, why I am doing that work, study, written, and read, I want to know what is the reason for these what’s my future “going” to be. I was in Yemen 12/25/2002 and I lived in Yemen until I came here when I was 14 years old. I have here one year and a half  What I like to do in school is learn new things ‘make friends’ help each other practice speaking, attach information to feel confident while you talk to other people and also practice English that I was like to do. I’m doing my homework and read books also if I have time I will watch anime for one reason is to practice listening. I remember when I was in Yemen I has a soccer team in my country. I was playing very well I got from practice every single day I as play and then I stopped when I came to America because I didn’t have time being playing  My goal now is I want to be native English, after that I will see what I get to be for a future I will be even soon.

I will say in my life there is one moment it was great for my life, so when I came to America that is the moment it was great. There are many ways in my life changed first is I didn’t know what is education mean because in my country there is low an education and it’s very weak I was very bad at learning. The second is I have to pay attention to my life and what I’m doing, now that I  have a goal here and dreams. I didn’t waste time for something free also I have many things but I can’t be expressing it because I felt in my myself. My family, they do have much better than when they were in Yemen everyone had work to do. Absolute positive because of many things in my life change I did feel very excited because I had new skills and languages, sometimes I found hard work but makes me confident I should work hard for a goal or whatever I want. Nothing in life is easy!


In Yemen, there is big trouble, a war. Many children and families ‘were killed’ by the war. The war began since 2014 until Now so when the war started many families wanted to travel to another country to save their own lives. While they traveled some died before ‘arriving’. Some people they stayed at home because they were afraid to die. They were waiting at home until solving the problem. Will they die? They also don’t find food to eat, in other words, there is an injustice in Yemen for children.