My name is nayelin ferrera, I have 14 years old. I was born on October 1, 2003 and lived in the Bronx New York, what I like to do inside the school is to do my homework and outside of school to be with my friends to walk etc. I am good at cooking like rice, meat, sleeping, eating, talking and laughing, I behave in that way because I really have it in my blood I do not blame I was born like that. my plans for the future is to be someone in this country or another and to fulfill my goals. My dreams are to learn the English language that is so difficult for me to learn but it is never too late to get ahead with that. I know that one day I will learn.

I immigrated to New York (in the bronx) 1 year ago. My life changed in many ways when i immigrated. the change I’m happiest about is i got better things like education because In my country, education is low, so here I learn more. on the other hand I am sad that i  have to adapt so many changes as the culture the environment etc. now i speak english and understands , which is the english.

There was a time in my life when i experienced new things and learned how hard work is here in this country. I learned how we have to win to keep going so that there are no obstacles that close the doors to move forward and achieve our goals. This was the time when we first arrived here in the United States. In my opinion , this was fair because in life there to learn how hard things are so that in the future things like that come, we can take it more calmly.



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