Hello Youth Voices community I am a student currently attending to Oakland Unity High School, my name is Monica Plascencia and in my English class we have been discussing the topic about the future effects of robots on us humans. I believe that robots won’t affect us as long as the creator of the robots controls the robots attitude. For example in the movie I, Robot the robots had three laws, number 1. The law of not injuring a human being nor let a human being come to harm. Number 2. A robot must obey orders given as long as it doesn’t conflict with the first law. Number 3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the first or second law. Having laws like these would make a robot hard to take in mind to hurt humans but we can’t forget that in the movie the laws were broken so maybe reinforcing a fourth and fifth law such as never thinking about harming a human and also to never be able to create other robots. Robots could be helpful in the future, they could help with chores, babysit, take care of pets when family is in vacation. Many people talk negative about robots but this negative things will never happen if we humans make sure that robots are well educated and laws for them are reinforced so as long as humans do right about robots there is nothing to be worried about. It is the choice of us  humans on what way we want robots to impacts us. In the article “Why Robots Will—And—Must—Take Our Jobs” by Kevin Kelly talks about how robots will be more capable than humans and have our jobs done faster.

Some people believe that if robots become more capable than us and are able to ever take our jobs we will be useless, we are actually going to have more free time for our families and have the job to create new things and new inventions never invented before. If robots are created some time in the future it should be an independent option for each citizen to choose if they want a robot in their home or not. There should be a law also for us humans that if a robot ever breaks any of the rules then all robots should be shut down and never created again and if somebody decides to break the rule and create a robot then they should be punished. This law would help to make sure to keep our citizens from feeling unsafe and living their lives without any worries. Robots should not make humans feel in danger ever. Before creating these robots, it should be well planned and there should already be laws. I think robots would be very helpful for the community, they can even save life’s but like I said everything should be planned out well or all the amazing things robots can do will not be shown out to the world. Robots should be created to be help not to hurt.




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