I think if humans give robots the technology necessary to become self conscious they will soon find out they are being used. They will probably  have access to the internet and soon will find something talking about robots rights. They will start to review everything done to them and won’t like it. They will most likely be superior to us since they have access to the internet. They will be smarter and will understand that they are slaves to humans.The robots will rise and kill or enslave humans for what they have been doing to the robots. In I Robot the robots are seen as helpful and not a dangerous thing but once they become self conscious they start to disobey rules set for them and become dangerous.The robots are shown as disobeying the 3 laws and hurting humans even though they are programed to follow those rules.Humans haven’t really thought out all the possibilities that could happen if they create smart robots some are good they could become very helpful and help humans become more advanced. They will be the reason why we might not go extinct but can also be the reason why humans do go extinct. We cannot predict how another human is going to act and  we won’t be able to predict what a robot will do if they become conscious. There are human that become murdures and that can also happen to robots. Out of nowhere they could become humans worst nightmare and end us all. Robots with a conscious are unpredictable and are a difficult thing to understand. There are numerous articles talking about all the good things that robots can do and they are correct but some articles don’t point out what are some downfalls or some bad things that could happen. The movie I Robot show how when robots are connected to a conscious thing they could become aware about what is happening and attack humans without warning. Even though there are teams of people engineering these robots to not attack or become dangerous there are always flaws and bad things could happen. The robots could turn out very useful if they don’t attack and kill us by doing very dangerous jobs. Since they would be programmed to do that job they could even do it better that the humans themselves and at the same time saving a lot of  lives. Robots are more precious and could do things more accurately than a human that means that there could be less flaws on the things they make.There would be a downfall to this too, humans will have no more jobs because the robots replace them since they are more intelligent and stronger. Robots are a better choice as long as they do not terminate the human race.


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