In my opinion robots have helped humans by making heavy load jobs easier. For example, just like in the reading “Why Robots Will And Must Take Our Jobs” by Kevin Kelly mentions that  jobs that humans use to have to do they no longer have to because robots do it for us now. Robots are not only are making the workload easier people who work on fields or crunstruction but also in white color jobs aswell, “ Robots will continue to make their migration into white collar work” (kelly 2012). Things that were once looked at like chores for workers is a thing from the past thanks to modern robots and artificial intelligence. Further modern technology has allowed people to modify their bodies in ways that ten years ago we wouldn’t have thought would be possible. Many people have many disabilities that don’t allow them to do things but with modification that can be changed. In the reading “The Real Cyborgs” by Arthur House it give multiple examples of ways people have modified their bodies. One example is of a 23 year old who was paralysed from the neck down, with a chip connected to his brain and body it allowed him move joint for the first time in years. The reading also gives examples of of ways people have enhanced their bodies, people have made the eyes that they have lost with a camera that records their daily life. The U.S military has adopted a lot of technology that they use on the army bases, they have made “Iron Man-style wearable exoskeleton that gives soldiers superhuman strength”(House). People are now able to improve their bodies that have been affected by an accident or even a desies. These adaptations improve their quality of life and even their perspective they view the world.


With new advancements of technology, robots,and artificial intelligence throughout history have made humans lives easier and has improved it in extraordinary ways. Humans don’t have to work as hard as they once did, this includes from working in an office or a field. This allows people to save time and make products faster than ever. Adaptations to one’s body has been a topic that is now becoming more popular. One can now modify the body to have cameras or even to be stronger. People who have disabilities now have the option to make their situation better, if they have never moved they now can which is an incredible thing. In conclusion, as technology continues to improve humans jobs will become easier making less stressful. People will be able to do things that they aren’t able to do at the moment. Now it’s just a time game but in a couple years we might have a suit that allows us to fly and maybe even a time machine, who knows?


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