Hello my Saul Morales and I’m a sophomore at Unity High School and we are living in the year of 2018 when robots do all of work people can’t do or robot can that work more efficient.  In school we are learning about robot intelligence and if they would ever surpass human intelligence and eventually take over and destroy all human species.

In my opinion I personally don’t think robot will take over. Movies Like I, Robot  make robot look evil. Hollywood are good in making thing seem out the ordinary. In the movies I, Robot you can see the robot rebel and have actions like a human but they are more intelligent. The robot all tries to kill the main character but I really don’t think that would be possible.  Wouldn’t a robot be program to the all does actions and they are man made so wouldn’t the creator have a way to shut down the robot. If people can hack into all kind of technology whats make you think they are not going to be able to hack into the robot and shut it down.

Another thing we learn was if we would do any harm to any robot.  I personally say yes because at the end of the day they are human-made and robot are like phone and people at least once have cracked their phones and they really don’t feel bad or have emotions the only emotions they have is for them to buy a new phone so it’s just our mind playing trick on us and making us think that robots are humans. We also read “Robot Dreams” by Isaac Asimov which is a fictional book where a robot named  Elvex had a dream where all the robot rebel against us humans.  When I read this I found it amusing because I just can’t imagine a robot having a conscious and being able to dream.  What I also found amusing was that the dream was about the robot rebelling against human the same plot for almost every Hollywood movies or sci-fi book.  

I don’t believe robots are going to be that intelligent and start dreaming because robot are human-made and they are programed to do those actions. Robots will also not be our master or senpai if they ever do become I will create a organisation that’s in charge of destroying robot and make humanity go back to normal, but of course that not going to happen because robot will not be super intelligence and if they ever are the only person to blame is whoever created the robot so for safety measure I think we should make robot do and know to a extent and not make them super intelligence.  Robot should be a way of making our life simpler not trying to destroy our life. Lastly i’ll like to say that the future is now we live in a generation where we do a lot of stuff through technology and robots will not take over humans.




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