Many of you may be thinking why should I listen to Reveca, a random sophomore from Unity High School. However, this piece of writing is deeper than just listening.

The idea behind it was to bring about a discussion. In the words of the late Stephen Hawkings “Computers will overtake humans with AI within the next hundred years when that happens we need to make sure the computers have goals aligned with ours.” The man issue humanity has with artificial intelligence is that it is as described, more intelligent. We must learn to accept that our future involves robotics. There will be no supposed uprisings of robots or enslavement of humanity. Nor will it be morally correct to use this technology as servants. As a fellow consumer, I will leave you with a question, why not give robots a chance?

I have read many articles in favor and against artificial intelligence but one, in particular, caught my attention. In the article “In Defense of Killer Robots,” Rosa Brooks exclaims that computers will one day be “far better than human beings.” She also picks apart humanity, describing us as “fragile and panicky creatures, easily flustered by the fog of war.” Which leads me to my main argument, why not give robots a chance. All throughout the article, she goes back and forth comparing robots to humans. She explains that robots are far more prone to be successful “in crisis and combat situations, and unlike humans robots, “ do not get scared and they do not act out of sentimentality.” She makes one think twice about the perception they have toward robots, and instead question if maybe it is the humans with the problem.

Isn’t there also positivity regarding technology. Look into your pocket, it is possible that you are carrying a cellphone. What about your home you own a microwave or a television don’t you. Technology is already surrounding is it may be time to take a different approach. The reading the “The Real Cyborgs” by Arthur House is a great example. In this article, Arthur describes the benefits of becoming a “cyborg”. The term “cyborg” describes a human with characteristics that were altered. Arthur mentions that technology has allowed Ian Burkhart’s brain be reconnected through a procedure. This a different perspective on technology, one that allows to alter themselves if they have as Ian been previously injured in an accident. This technology can completely change one’s life, for the better. However, many do not see it this way. They instead chose to think of it as a problem that will make one human superior to another, but doesn’t this go on already? You have a boss don’t you, aren’t they superior to you because of their position. This topic can go various ways, but as I have mentioned before technology is all around us yet we are not a fair of it. Can’t it actually make our lives easier in a way? So, why not give technology a chance?


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