Humans are their creators, but do they seek to destroy their creators or serve them? That is the question. Either they do as they are instructed to do so, as what they were made for, or they decide enough is enough and try to murder every living thing on planet Earth. It can be either of the two choices, it all depends on how the human creates them. If they are made to do simple tasks, or have a more complex structure, such A.I. could potentially become sentient, and maybe dangerous. In an article made by Margaret Atwood titled “Are Humans Necessary?”, the article states that humans have been experimenting with artificial robotics, creating robots to do jobs far more complicated than humans, but then the humans are there to repair and keep maintenance. More reading shows how humans have evolved and are now dependent on technology and robotics, “Dogs used to be man’s best friend- now robots are! Civilization needs them for many important tasks!” But reading on further, it says how humans are creating more anthropomorphic styled robots to help everyday needs, but also compares robots to slaves. But just as robots are slaves, in the famous movie titled I, Robot which was based off of Isaac Asimov’s short story which goes by the same title. The movie includes anthropomorphic looking robots that are being created to help every person in the world, as said in the movie, “1 Robot for every 5 Humans.” But potential sentient A.I. may become a reality, like Vicky in the movie, a super intelligent computer A.I. that is capable of intelligence beyond the human thought. The Vicky A.I. becomes fully aware and sentient of its presence, and decides to take over the newly created robots in order to enslave humanity. The movie has 3 “laws of robotics,” which are listed as the following: 1-Robots must not injure or allow a human to be harmed, 2- Robots must obey all orders unless it conflicts with the first rule, 3-A robot is capable of self defense as long as it does not conflict with the first and second rule. The Vicky A.I. decides that killing some people will allow more to live. It’s like the trolley problem, one way the train goes kills 5 people while the other way kills only one. So killing 1 out of every 6 people will allow the majority of them to live, which is by no doubt the better choice, is it? Robots killing humans is still a possibility, but the robots still serving their creators is also still a possibility. The future is the only who can determine this fate, and we have yet to witness it. If humans are not careful with what they have created, then the outcomes could be significant, if not, catastrophic. With more advancements in technology, either side is inevitable. So if a robot apocalypse does end up happening, will humans become the ones to serve them?


CC BY-SA 4.0 What does the future of robotics hold for us? by Angel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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