Hello, my name is Victor Soto, I’m a sophomore at Oakland Unity High School. In my English class we’ve been discussing robotics and artificial intelligence and whether the future will be better or worse with these technologies.

It is in my belief that robots will indeed lead an uprising and enslave humanity. I think this because at the rate that we are going with new technology there will be one point in a humans life where a robot has some of the same characteristics as a human. It seems more likely for the robots to be our “benevolent masters” they will essentially become our “masters” but they won’t be completely cruel to us they will do anything possible to keep us what they think is “safe”. For example according to the article titled “The Real Cyborgs” it states that , “The technology that made this possible, Neurobridge, had successfully reconnected Burkhart’s brain with his body. It was probably the most advanced intertwining of man and machine that had so far been achieved.” Essentially what this article is trying to say is that humans are becoming human androids they are having pieces of technology inserted into them. And at the rate of this, technology will turn disabled people into walking, talking humans. So in a way robots are already taking over humanity it may not be in a negative way but technically they are already taking over.

Another example that explains how artificial intelligence will lead an uprising and take over in the article titled “Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era” It explains that robots will evolve and their AI will get smarter so they will become far more intelligent than us, but they don’t have feelings they can’t sympathize. So without emotions they can end choosing a very tragic way to keep us humans”safe”. This is another piece of evidence that shows that robots are getting smarter and essentially they will take over and we won’t even realize they are doing so because in the future technology that will be inserted into robots, will make the robots 1,000,000 times more smarter than a human. Just like in the movie “I – Robot” in the movie the main robot that was controlling the rest, realized that humans are not capable of taking care of themselves. They are constantly harming themselves polluting the planet so Vicky realized that the only way to keep the humans safe was to have them under surveillance 24/7 even if it means to harm a few humans. This essentially proves that new technology will one day be smart enough to bend rules with not actually bending it. The robots will take in information and interpret it but understanding in the way they are capable of understanding it. So essentially artificial intelligence and whether the future will be better or worse with the uprising of new technology there is a probability that robots will take over.

In conclusion, technology will get smarter than us and they will find a way of taking us over without us actually knowing that they are.




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