Hello, my name is Leslie Cruz and I am currently a sophomore at Oakland Unity High. In my english class recently we have been discussing if robots and human enhancements is a good thing for the future or if it might get out of control. This topic has brought a lot of controversy to our class and there have been many opinions shared.

Technology is used everywhere nowadays and it’s improving the longer it stays around. Many movies have been made of what our future could be like with technology in the future. Some films show how great it could be having technology around while others show the complete opposite. In my opinion robots and technology are not to be trusted as it would eventually lead to and uprising and the enslaving of humanity. I believe this because we seek answers and rely on technology now imagine years from know it will be beyond our comprehension as technology is advancing at an accelerating rate.

In the article “Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Era” by James Barrat, the author describes how robots will want freedom later on in the future. He states, “Even though humans will invent it, it will seek self-determination and freedom from humans. It won’t have human-like motives because it won’t have a human-like psyche”. Meaning that after a while robots will not want to follow our commands but instead would want to do what they desire. This will result in humans having to possibly follow the commands of robots and not being able to do anything about it.

The second article “The Real Cyborgs” by Arthur House, states that even humans are trying to modify themselves with technology to better themselves physically. It also talks about robots helping in different jobs and how they can be more helpful then humans. The author says “The US military is pouring millions of dollars into projects such as Ekso Bionics Human Universal Lead Carrier and ‘Iron Man’-style wearable exoskeleton that gives soldiers superhuman strength.” This states that they are trying to bring in robots to help in the military and give them unbelievable amount of strength. I believe that this would end up badly reason being that robots do not have any sense of emotion they do not know right from wrong. This could lead them to possible killing an innocent human being or not saving a person in danger. Secondly being in the military is a job for some people if robots start taking over will there be any left for humans? No probably not ! They are already taking over many jobs, jobs that use to be done by hand are now being done with computers and machines. For example, yesterday on televesion two news reporters were talking about a robot that’s in the New york airport and how everyone was very amused and kept taking pictures with it. After the reporters had talked about it he said, “It’s  all interesting and fun into they take your jobs”.  For these reasons I believe that robots will not be any better for the future but actually just make it worse!


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