Everyone has a different opinion on the evolution of our technology.Some people are worried for their safety, privacy, and if their jobs would just be taken over by emotionless machines and technology. Other people think the improvement of these “perfect machines” is a good thing for the human race in order to ascend and improve as a greater whole. In my opinion, I believe that we should be careful on how much power we are giving up to these machines. I think this because they are more intelligent and are capable of doing things that humans can’t necessarily do so well. These robots have the power to do things that are humanly impossible. In the movie I,Robot that was released on June of 2004, we are introduced to this one robot that claimed it was above all the other robots. It could dream and think just like a human, just not quite a human. In the movie we see the robots were doing their purpose, which was to serve human,  until a turn of events happened when the robots turned evil and wanted to carry out a plan which would leave them in charge of the human population. We could also see that now a days people are making robots more human like, this could be a bad thing because we could be imperialised by a metal machine. Now robots are only taking over our jobs, who knows what they would take over in a couple of decades. This could worry a lot of people because now human are shifting more and more to relying on technology, so much that it’s a day-to-day necessity for us to persevere in our lives. This is probably why some people are concerned about their safety and private lives. Technology is such a big part of our day-to-day lives, that it even found a way to outperform the human race therefore taking over our jobs. In the article Better Than Humans: Why robots will-And Must-Take over Jobs by Kevin Kelly, she state “Two years ago, 70 percent of American workers lived on the farm. Today 1 percent of their jobs, replacing them (and their work animals) with machines.” This is why I believe that there will come a time where robots completely and will take over our jobs and humans as a whole. On the other hand some people believe there is a limit to the point robots aren’t better than humans. For instance, robots can’t reproduce therefore there isn’t away for them to out populate the human populations which means they can’t take over. Robots can’t think like humans, they can’t feel emotions like humans or even have vivid dreams like us. This might be why some people are not concerned about robots taking over. I also believe that robots are good in a way, for example technology also brings more and different opportunities. More and more jobs have technology involved, and if it wasn’t for that technology it wouldn’t be able to run as proficient.




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