Hey Youth Voices my name is Jennifer , I’m going to be discussing about , if humans were involved with robots how would they process towards putting robots in human life. Us as humans have been the ones improving the human environment and have been the ones on earth for quite a while.

Such as humanity. And for people wanting to make robots part of our environment so they can enslave and live around with humans. For people and creators to think that building and creating machines to be involved with the human life isn’t fair. They should take the human thought in consideration They should take in consideration what humans think what are their thoughts on having to live around with machines that are capable of doing better things .

In the movie that was shown to us “iRobot” . It showed us that the robots were good to their environment and were very helpful to the human life. They kept humans save and were even considered as a big part of humans. But later on the old robots were replaced with with new upgraded robots but they ended up being something different that were  being manipulated by another machine that caused the world to flip out and cause disaster in between human life. The robots turned to be bad and destroy anything that upset them. This shows that robots can be helpful and help with so many things. We just have to take in count the possibilities of something different or unexpected to happen in between both generations.  

I believe that robots will be helpful in the evolution over time. And will make a great team with humans to make the environment a much better place. I believe that having them around will help keeping our world, everything that surrounds us in better conditions than we already have them. Even in the times we’re living in right now we’re surrounded by machines we even use them as a day to day basis. For example our phones we’re 100% attached to them and look at our phone screen at least 85-90 times a day which is a pretty good amount of times. There’s been toys created that some have the features of talking, moving and using the same body language as a human. We pretty much have had the experience of being around with a robot/machine talking, moving and using the same body language as a human. We pretty much have had the experience of being around with a robot/machine.

In one of our readings “Our Robotic Future”  a quote stated that “Not if robots will play a role in our future, but what kind of role will they play” . This leave my statement more than clear robots could be a good thing to us but there has to be a good way to keep them were they belong. That’s why there should be laws that are strictly followed by each robot and are aware that they were built for a specific reason and to be helpful. And that the rules are directed on what we think would keep our world and people safe. Which the relationship between robots and humans shouldn’t be compared to how humans treat each other.  Robots should always be seen and looked at exactly what they are.Humanity should stick as the strongest and shouldn’t change over the evolution over time.


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