My name is Claudia Arias I’m a sophomore at Oakland Unity High School and in my English class we’ve been reading about robotics and artificial intelligence. I believe that technology will make this world worse in some ways but better in others.


I think  the robots  will take over and they will think that the humans are not going to be needed because they are going to be smarter than us. So they are going to want to kill all.  We are going to be a waste of space for them. But first they are going to be nice and helpful. They are going to help ill people, help cook and so on . For example in I robot witch was directed by : Alex Proyasit and  released in July 16, 2004 ,this film it shows how in the beginning the robots were very helpful and they robots would help people that were dying , they would help the elder and help children. But then  the robots took over and decided that they wanted to be bad and they became evil and took over the cites. They killed people , started a revolution with the humans and they dicobad the humans. This shows how they are going to be very helpful and very useful. And then take over.  


Another example of how the future could be worse with technology is an article named The Real Cyborgs written by Arthur House who was journalist at the Telegraph. In his article he talk about  Rob Spence and how he was in a really bad car accident . In the accident he lost his eye and they put a camera ass his eye. “Rob Spence replaced his right eye with a camera.” Right now we think that is weird and not normal; but in the future we are going to think that that is so cool that everyone is going  to want to do that and change their whole body. Now in day we see people walking with techniche like little kids with phones and we think that normal and now we are going to see people with a robotic body peace and we are going to think that is normal.I don’t think we should change ourselves just for fun. The only reason we should change ourselves is only if we are ill.

So yes I do think that robots are going to be very helpful but then they are going to take over all of us and/or we are going to want to be like them and we are going to  become cyborgs.Image result for angry robot


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