Dear leaders of America ,


   I am a 16 year old girl living in Austin, Texas. My family is very important to me. I have two brothers and two sisters . We spend a lot of time together . I attend an alternative high school where we do our classes online. Next year i will be going back to a typical high school.

   Opioids are pills that can kill the people who take them . Some people get them off the streets and some people get them prescribed . The pills make people feel good and they are very easy to get. They are very addicting and find people are dying from overdosing. The drug releases dopamine and that is what makes them feel good. This addiction is now a national epidemic.It is affecting regular people.

   This is not a easy solution but if we continue to talk about it more people would be aware about this dangerous drug. Doctors should not prescribe these pills so quickly.We should make treatment easier for people to access.  The government should consider laws to protect people from losing their job if they go to treatment because the people are scared to ask for help because of these awful laws.

  We as a nation should work to remove the stigma of addiction so people are less scared to get help . People that are struggling with addiction need more access to treatment options . Also we need better or more mental health services for people struggling with anxiety or depression.


Please consider thinking about the national epidemic of opioids. Our nation depends on this.   


                  – Thank you, Angela


CC BY-SA 4.0 Opioid Crisis by Anjela is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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