Oh how crazy she was,

Just as risky as others

Lookin for a better view


She was only 16,

Maletas packed ready to not look back,

She left without saying bye to her queen.


She didn’t mean to hurt my mama cris y papa pedro…

She needed money, clothes, a place without violence and a place to heal.

Oh how lonely my mother must’ve felt knowing the struggle was real.


Ain’t no one knew she was planning to leave until she did,

She was emotionally drained and couldn’t continue with the pain,

So she left leaving the luggage that she couldn’t obtain


My mother’s brother was crossing that S-A-M-E day too

Mi tio Fermin, man what a king, thank you for raising my brothers and me.

But let me save that gratitude for after this piece


My mother met up with my uncle in Tijuana,

Can’t tell you what happened after because of the trauma

Just know they risked their lives to live in a country thats now ran by a pendejo who likes to go on twitter and start drama


Pero esperate! porque mi otro tio went through some shit too,

Getting locked up for not having this stupid lil green card that identifies foos,

Fucking migra, ya’ll don’t know how much I miss that dude.

Got sent back to Mexico as fast as he could.


You know what’s crazy to me?

That I can’t properly mourn to a cousin of mine who lost his life trying to cross the border line.

Rest In Peace, dude.


To the one’s that still don’t understand, listen closely…

You will never understand what the people that crossed left behind

because you’re so caught up on the fake news about my people being criminals, aliens, and drug dealers.


My mother does not deserve to be treated like shit, not my father, not my tio’s and tia’s, not my cousins, brother’s and sisters and neither do yours.

Overall, I’m going to show my appreciation by continuing to fight, just like they did for me and you.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Glimpse of a Trip by Cristina is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Eva 2 years ago

    What a beautiful tribute to your mother and her courage! I hope that you share this piece with her!

    I love that you use poetry for your activism. It’s so strong! 🙂

    Ms. O

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