Currently recently emigrated students in Urban schools are not receiving the sufficient support to help them meet their emotional and psychological needs. Emigrating to a new country is not easy especially when you leave your family behind as well as your friends. Coming to this country is scary the infrastructure , diversity, and food can be overwhelming but terrifying. Many newcomers feel unsafe because of their citizenship status and left out in school because of their inability to speak english. Luckily there are programs such as the NEST program in Fremont high school that helps their newcomer students learn english by offering specialized classes with bilingual teachers. Not only that but they also offer counseling and tutoring to their students which means that they can get help with their homework and have someone they can talk too. Not all schools have a Newcomer Educational Support and Transition Program but they should because the number of immigrant students going to college is rising which means the implementation of newcomers programs is aiding many newcomers.

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