Immigration policies are impacting the social structure of the U.S negatively. It is holding back ethnic communities from providing American people their culture, way of life, and what they can provide in society. From foods, creations, and clothing, immigrants can provide a lot in society.

Immigration is the action to permanently living in a foreign country.


One immigration story I have is when my grandmother and mom had to take a civics test. They had to practice multiple choice and had to remember important things, like the Star Spangled Banner. Another story I have was when a Mexican friend of mine was getting called racial slurs. Me and him had to fight a group of white kids, with one Latino jumping in to help us. One last story I have is when my uncle got revoked of his green card. He was locked up for a certain amount of time and they took away his card. He can no longer live in the U.S and they deported him from there. Now he lives in Panama and can only come for vacations.

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