Author: Tenzin J.

Frau Trude- By the Brothers Grimm Adapted by Tenzin J

Tenzin J
My scratch project is an interactive story based off the the fairy tale Frau Trude by the Brothers Grimm. In the story there is an obstinate and inquisitive little girl who disobeys her parents by going to Frau Trude, a witch, when told not to. On her journey she sees a black man, a green, a blood-red man, and the devil himself. When she arrives at Frau Trudes house, she is greeted with Frau Trudes wicked behavior. Frau Trude turns the little girl into wood and burned the wood.
In my project, the alternative ending is the better. The little girl gathers her village to fight Frau Trude together and they succeed. Frau Trude is killed and the little girl gets praised. She lives lives to the fullest and continues to be that obstinate and inquisitive girl that she is. In the project, when being asked the decision the viewer must click p for the passive way or k for the killer way.

Here is my story script and storyboard