2.1 199-209

I’m amazed that you are here. I’m super happy! My love, if the calm after the storm could always be this wonderful, I’d want the wind to blow until it wakes the dead, and whipped up waves as tall as mountains! If I died right now I’d be completely happy. I’ll probably never be as happy as this again in my life.

In this passage Othello has just arrived and met eyes with his lover Desdemona. He then goes on a long monologue about how much he loves her. An example of him showing his affection is after he compares his love to a storm: “As hell’s from heaven! If it were now to die, ‘Twere now to be most happy”(206-207). In this quote Othello is saying how even if he died now he would be fully content and happy.



4.2. 175-186

Oh God, Iago, what can I do to get my husband back again? Please go and talk to him my friend. I swear I have no idea why he stopped loving me. Here I’m kneeling to swear that if I ever did anything to make him not love me, either by thoughts or actions, or if I ever took pleasure in anyone else, or if I never did love him, or don’t love him now even though he tries to shake me off then I hope I have a life of misery!

In this passage Desdemona has been talking to her friend Iago about how she could get her husband Othello to love her again. She asks Iago to go and talk to him about what she did wrong and how to fix it.  An example of her asking how she did him wrong was after she tells Iago to go and talk to Othello: “Or that mine eyes, mine ears, or any sense, Delighted them in any other form; Or that I do not yet, and ever did.” In this quote Desdemona is asking Iago if she had ever taken pleasure in another man’s presence that had disturbed Othello in some way.


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