This I Believe….to Succeed We Must Fail

Has life kicked you in the ass before? If your answer was no, you are one very fortunate and fictitious person. I would like to believe that the world is filled with “magical adventures,” “continuous victories,” “prince charmings,” and “happy ever afters.” But as life smacks you across the face you realize that is just complete and utter bogus. Everyone faces their own adversities. Whether external; internal; or a combination of the two, it is presented to us for a reason–to evolve.

Humans are not perfect. Some may seem pretty damn close but we all have our faults, some are just better hidden than others. Those faults are what make a somebody an individual. We can keep those insecurities and flaws in the dark but that makes us someone else, that makes us an actor with a “perfect” role to play. Our impurities and insecurities define us, without them we are simply coloring within the lines of normality. But who wants ordinary? Accepting yourself for who you truly are–outside the lines–may be one of the toughest adversities out there.

Now life can crap on you in a million different ways but there are limited exits. Where is that exit sign for you? What does it say, do, or look like? When feeling lost; trapped; or simply blue, what pulls you away? What helps you to forget the bad and enjoy the good? The crappy is just a bit more bearable when you have an escape, when you have something to haul you away from reality and into a wonderland where all worries and cares disperse.

Like I said, we all climb our personal mountains; we all face our own battles; we all have an individual escape; and we all chase our divergent dreams. But the path to that “happy ever after” is not swaddled in bubble wrap. That path is rough and menacing and you can’t tiptoe onto it armed in the fear of losing. The fact is, you will fail and you will be beaten. But you can’t tread through life afraid of that actuality. You wish to be perfect? Impossible. Want to be unsurpassable? Not gonna happen. Through my eyes we must fail to learn and grow. Through my eyes, we must fail to succeed.


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