I believe in equal opportunity throughout the world. I believe that all people in the world are created equal, and that their morals are the only thing that matter. As religious affiliation, ethnicity and gender shouldn’t play a part in how people are to be treated at all.

My belief that everyone should have equal opportunity throughout the world has been most influenced by my mother . My mother, has been and continues to be the biggest influence in my life.  She does this everyday through her constant input, help, and knowledge, as well as her actions. I remember when I was kid, she told me that I was lucky. Lucky to be raised in a family with a steady income as well as growing up in a country with so many opportunities. As I grew up she reminded me of the multiple things that I had to be thankful for. My mother made me realize that not everyone on earth had the opportunity to an education like mine, or just in general the opportunity to succeed. My mother has shown me that not everyone has had the same opportunities that I’ve had, that equal opportunity isn’t something that is reached in today’s world. The belief that she gave to me is, that everyone on this earth is created equal, and should have the same opportunities and privileges that everyone else has. No matter ethnicity, gender or religion. She’s told me that morals are the only thing that should matter as well as actions. Around the world people are not given equal opportunity because of their gender, ethnicity and religion. I believe in the future we will be able to achieve this ideology of equal opportunity for all.  An example of the real world struggle with equal opportunity is with President Trump’s travel ban. This is someone objectifying a whole group of people based off their religion. The president in doing this is not giving people from those countries the same opportunities that other countries have. Which for some is just finding a safer place for their family to live. Also another example is how women in places around the world, especially in the middle east, aren’t given the same opportunities that men are given in society. This is the singling out of a gender by not giving them equal opportunity as the other. To conclude I believe that everyone should be given equal opportunity no matter gender, ethnicity, or religion. As that their morals are the only thing that matter as do their actions.


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