People all around the world are in constant need of help and support from others. Reaching out to others or serving others, to me is an amazing thing. The easiest of actions can make huge benefits in people’s daily lives. I believe in going out of your way to help others. A few years ago I went on a mission trip to Mole Saint-Nicolas, Haiti. I was given the opportunity to serve others and help others who were in deep need of help and love. This was a life changing experience that made me realize that I needed to put others before myself. Helping others made me feel so happy that I could make an impact in someone’s life.

In Haiti, we had a clinic where my parents and a few other doctors did close to one hundred surgeries in just the week we were there. People lined up at the clinic and waited for several hours to get help they needed that they couldn’t receive before. To make the wait less painful for all these people, we made bracelets and did different crafts with the kids and moms who waited patiently. We also ran a sports camp in town for all the kids who lived there. We played a variety of different games and gave these kids something to do together and to create a closer community. The smiles and laughs were endless as we played shaving cream baseball and basketball. Throughout the week, we spent time with the kids who lived in the orphanage. Seeing these kids who were happy to be playing with a ball and a stick made me realize how privileged and spoiled I am and made me appreciate everything more. These were the most loving children I had ever met. When you walked up to the orphanage, within a minute there were at least two kids climbing up on you to receive hugs and someone to play with. Later in the week, we spent time down by the beach near town cleaning up the mass amount of trash. They have no trash system so everything is just thrown in the water. We spent hours picking up trash to later burn to get rid of it. Within 20 minutes of picking up trash, the local people who lived there started to help us.

This experience has led to me to believe in the importance of helping others who are in need. It showed me how much impact you can make by doing the smallest of things.


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