Dear Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry:

I am writing you to discuss your recent shutdown of an order to protect LGBT people from discrimination. I was wondering the reason why you don’t want a law that bans people from discriminating against the LGBT. Is it because you don’t see a use for it? Or is it because of religious beliefs? I’m very interested to know why.

The issue is that there are still people who are ignorant towards the LGBT community and I, like many other people, want to let people know that the people in Louisiana deserve protection. Everyone deserves to be equal. Who are you trying to benefit from shutting down this order? 

Our endeavor is to make a change to policies regarding LGBT rights. The community in Louisiana wants protection against discrimination because they are human too. 20 states have protection against both sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination in the public and private sector. Why can’t Louisiana be one of those states as well?

My plan is to make artwork to promote pro-LGBT ideals because we want to raise awareness and inspire other LGBT students to come out as who they are and follow their dreams. To do that I will be painting a mural that depicts many LGBT identities on my teacher’s door to show other students.

In conclusion, I believe that shutting down an act to protect LGBT people in Louisiana was a mistake and I encourage you to reconsider your action. There are people who want to come out without fear of discrimination. Louisiana should create an environment that is accepting of all individuals no matter what.


Adrian Kelly

Annotated Bibliography, STEPHANIE GRACE |. “Stephanie Grace: Why Is Jeff Landry Picking a Fight over LGBT Discrimination Anyway?” The Advocate, 4 Nov. 2017,

This is a reliable source because it provides news about serious issues and brings them into the light. It talks about issues involving different laws made and this one, in particular, involves banning discrimination against LGBT people in Louisiana. While some are for it others oppose the idea because of certain beliefs.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Say No to LGBT Discrimination! by AdriK is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. rchavez 16 hours ago


    I just wanted to appreciate you for writing about this topic. And for sharing your ideas to stop the discrimination.


  2. Miriam 2 days ago

    Hello Adrian,
    My name is Miriam. I enjoyed reading about real life events happening now that need to raise awareness. Things like this need to be advocated for and I’m glad you’ve decided to do just that.

    There’s gun violence, human trafficking, and plenty other of events that are just as important so, why did you decide to write about this?

  3. Juan 2 weeks ago

    Hello everyone.

    My name is Juan Mendoza and I am a student at Fremont High School here in Oakland. I just read your project blog post and I have some feedback.
    One thing I liked about what you wrote was that you explained the things you want to be changed and how you want to do it. After all your project is great keep it up.

    Thank you for sharing your project!

  4. Veronica 2 weeks ago

    Great topic, Adrian! What a creative plan. To make your letter stronger think about why LGBT people deserve these rights and why it might be unlawful/unfair/a poor decision to shut down an order that protects the LGBT community. Provide me with more details about your ideas, credibility, and plan!

  5. Diana Hernandez 2 weeks ago


    You made very valid points and brought up some interesting questions. For example, you asked the Louisiana Attorney General if he removed the law that protected the LGBTQ community because he did not see any use for it or because of religious views?

    You are off to a good start but I would suggest you use the name LGBTQ community instead of LGBT because LGBTQ is the proper name. I would also cite what your endeavors are as far as protecting the LGBTQ community are. I would also very much like to know your plan more in depth. It seems like you started unfolding your plan but cut it short.

    Perhaps you can name states or cities that have chosen to protect the LGBTQ community and the benefits this protection has offered for the people of the LGBTQ community and how the cities/states have also benefited.


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