I believe that competition allows us to grow and learn as people. Competition is a very important aspect of life. Whether it is competing on the football field, basketball court, the classroom, or at a job interview, competition to succeed or “win” is inherent in much of our world. Competition allows us to gain perspective on where we are at and to then improve by what we learn through it. Without competition, we would have no lengths to strive for. For many, people who are financially successful serve as motivation for those whose goal is to achieve wealth and they use that example to compete to get ahead. Personally, whenever I see professional athlete succeeding at his or her craft, I admire it and also am motivated to strive and to work to the best of my abilities, so that I can be as successful as I can be.

Playing sports all my life, I feel I have benefitted from experiencing competition to the fullest extent. However, I believe that today’s youth sports lack important lessons of competition that our parents experienced. When our parents played, competition was used to teach kids how to grow up and become adults, through all of the victories and failures. In today’s youth sports, kids are taught the importance of having fun, more than that of winning. Having fun is still a big part of sports, but the initial point was to teach kids how to work hard to win but also to experience the pain of losing because that is life.  This is why I believe that handing kids trophies at the end of their seasons for participating is not benefiting the kids at all because it isn’t reflecting the real world. This is because in life when you have a job interview and do not get the position, you do not get any reward for being at the interview. This is a sad fact of life, but an important one. Everyone must eventually understand that rewards are earned, not given. That is why I believe that competition should be used as a tool to help kids to understand the importance of striving to achieve goals in life.

I believe in the importance of competition for every stage of life.  Younger kids and teenagers learn about the real world and how to work hard as well as learn how to be strong in the face of adversity when losing.  And everyone, no matter what the age, learns more about themselves and what the can achieve, when they compete. There is always a risk in competition because failure is always a possibility.  But striving and failing and trying again is one of the most important ways we learn and grow our entire lives.


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  1. Jason W 2 months ago

    Hi Allison,

    I definitely agree that competition allows us to grow as people. I myself have been in very competitive environments and situations, and it has made me better at that task and want more for myself. Also, I feel like it doesn’t matter where you go, competition will always exist. However, I feel like competition can lead to unnecessary fighting and altercations. Competition can also cause people to care more about winning and less on self growth, and that is very popular nowadays. Overall, I think your stance on competition was great. I liked how you stated the opposition also. You made me think of the idea of competition in a whole new way!

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