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Life for people in the US back in the 1860’s were arbitrary. People living in the US should have honorable and sympathetic rights. The Thirteenth Amendment, a document from the Reconstruction period, states, “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude,…” This quotation demonstrates honorability. Abraham Lincoln shows honorability towards slaves by passing a law to stop the harsh and torturing treatment towards many African Americans. This allowed them to become freedmen and freedwomen. In addition, Portraits of Elected Black Officials During Reconstruction states in the description, “During Reconstruction, thousands of African Americans were elected to local and state governments throughout the Southern states. In addition, 17 African Americans were elected to the United States Congress from Southern states between 1870 and 1877”. This quotation shows that the United States Congress acted commensurately towards African Americans. They allowed Africans Americans to be candidates in elections after releasing the 15th Amendment in 1870 that allowed citizens of the United States the right to vote, and not be denied on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. This gave them so much more independence. Although all Americans should receive equal opportunity, this is unfortunately not the reality of our country. In this modern example of mass incarceration, Daniel Patrick Moynihan states “I felt I had to write a paper about the Negro family, to explain to the fellows how there was a problem more difficult than they knew.” Daniel realized there was still inter racial differences. Daniel also said “The Negro family, battered and harassed by discrimination, injustice, and uprooting, is in the deepest trouble,” Daniel believed that at the core of all these problems lay a black family structure mutated by white oppression. This modern example explains that the Negro family hasn’t been treated fairly and just due to white oppression. White oppression is someone who thinks that words like ‘cracker’ are as bad as ‘nigger,’ and likes to pretend that when he uses the word nigger, he’s not doing anything wrong because black people use it. But it is wrong and that’s what the world needs help realizing today. In conclusion, it is clear that all people living in the U.S should have rights that show no discrimination.

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