I chose ten lines from act 1 scene 3 lines 527-537.  The speaker of these lines is Desdemona. I learned while practicing this just how important the way you say things is. The words themselves are extremely important because they provide insight to what the character is trying to say but the way in which they say it almost says just as much about the meaning as the actual words.

Desdemona says that ultimately her loyalty now resides with her husband rather than her father just as her mother did when she married her dad. Desdemona has a very valid point with what she is saying because during this time all of your loyalty now goes to your husband. There is a lot of emotion behind these lines because she is forced to make a choice between her new husband or her father, which I can’t imagine could be easy. Each comma and semicolon are strategically placed and are there to remind the person performing it to take a pause. This was very hard for Desdemona to say and a lot of emotions are evoked because of it.



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