1. This passage is found in the play Othello, written by Shakespeare. It is found in act 1, scene 3, lines 208-218.
  2. Desdemona is the woman who says these words.
  3. I learned that tone has such an impact on bringing life to words; tone alone can make you sound depressed, ecstatic, careless, etc. Volume and pacing is also a little tough to get a handle of when reciting these lines because it is a personal interpretation and you have to follow your heart and your ears to know what sounds right.
  4. I managed to understand Desdemona’s deep love for her father in these lines. She highly respects her parents, it seems like, and wishes to follow precisely in their footsteps. She wants to be respectful and loving towards her husband because she not only feels that it is her duty, but also because she wants to care for him as much as possible.

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