For my Othello recitation, I chose to recite Act 1 Scene 3, lines 208-218. I am playing Desdemona when she is explaining to her father that she is among a divided duty and that she loves her husband, the Moor, more than her duty to her father. While practicing this part of the play, I realized at first I read it with no emotion or expression whatsoever. However as I began to understand what the lines truly meant, I changed my tone of voice to a gentle, caring tone. Desdemona is literally telling her father she is in love with the Moor. She is not being deceitful or rude, she is not asking for permission; she is simply stating her unswayed love and duty to her new husband. I now understand the meaning she was trying to convey to her father, and how relatable this part can be for a young girl like me.

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