The question i have is why is gun violence still playing a big role in the number of deaths in the US? I know for a fact that gun violence plays a big roll because it’s so easy to get a gun in the streets especially in neighborhoods in the Bronx. The fact that it’s so easy to get access to a gun makes it a lot easier for young teens my age to get in possession of a gun and then use it to make themselves look hard or tough ; which then leads to gun violence. Certain people should just really not be allowed to be in possession of a gun especially those who have mental disorders which is something they should check into when someone wants to buy a gun.

     I would like to know exactly how many people per year are involved with gun violence in the Bronx especially teens around my age. I wanna find out all the statistics about the US as a whole and how guns impact those statistics. I wanna know also how come the US hasn’t made it a lot harder to get guns on the street as well as actually buying a gun at the gun store?   

    According to statistics street gun violence nationwide makes up 97% of all gun violence and only 3% for school shootings and mass murders which is crazy. The government of the US should fund the program ceasefire to prevent the gun violence. The program picks the most dangerous people in the neighborhood and tells them to give the police station a call so that they can get info on how to prevent themselves from using guns as a means to protect themselves. This would lower the gun rate down making the US a safer place especially places like NY and California.  


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  1. Clara 7 days ago

    Adelphe, I clicked on this article because the topic of violence interests me. You article felt passionate and I appreciate your opinion and input on this situation. I am extremely curious about the program “Ceasefire” that you mentioned. I am also wondering if you personally live in the Bronx like you mentioned. Is gun violence a specific problem in your own life and do you think that this program will help you and the people you know? Thanks.

  2. Anna 2 weeks ago

    Adelphe, your article truly interested me. Within my lifetime the number of school shootings has increased tremendously and we as a society have become desensitized to these traumatic and barbaric events. As a teenager as well it is also mind boggling how people our age can gain access to guns so easily without any background checks. Have you participated in March For Our Lives? It is truly an amazing movement that allows people like us to have a voice and make a difference. Here is the link . Is there an increased amount of violence in the Bronx? If you find more on this topic I would love to read it! Thank you for the information?

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