In the short dialogue from Desdemona in Act 1 Scene 3 Lines 208-218, I learned a lot about how to read Shakespeare’s blank verse correctly. In addition, there is a very discrete tone which in these lines which I found to be personal. The sequencing of words is deliberate and precise in order to flow with an aim at having the audience evoke a feeling of uncertainty, much like what Desdemona is feeling at this time, and sadness for having to choose between her husband and father. I ultimately learned that pacing is of utmost importance to this passage as she is not hasty in declaring which man she should pledge her allegiance. Therefore, the pace was slow. I also found volume and inflection to be important to my reading of Desdemona. The volume was soft and very little was there even a slight rise in volume except when Desdemona reflected on her mother. The inflection was quite common in my interpretation as Desdemona appears to be almost in a panic while also giving an undertone of insightfulness and calmness. Lastly, as I performed, I understood all that the character was worried about and how she talked herself down to ultimately find peace of mind and a strong resolution. I found how Desdemona is extremely sensitive and insightful. She cares for everyone around her which is made apparent by these lines.
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