Hello, this is Tenzin J typing. I made this story called “The War Within Natalia” for a tech project, which I enjoyed doing.

Character Description
In my story there are 3 main characters. One, Natalia, who is a workaholic on her way to work, two, Devil Natalia, who is the bad side of Natalia and Three, Angel Natalia, who is the good side of the Natalia. These characters are all the same person, Natalia, but they are different versions of them. You can guess that Angel Natalia and regular Natalia is the protagonist and the Devil Natalia is the antagonist. I created these characters with theses traits because the day before I made my characters I had read about children not having time to spend with their parents because of work, therefore, I created Natalia.

Plot and summary of the story(CONTAINS SPOILERS)
The plot of the story is that Natalia who is late for work runs out. On her way out she sees a dying bird. Conflicted as to if she should help or run to work, Natalia has her Devil and Angel side of her appear on her shoulder. The two shoulder angel and devil argue as to what Natalia should do. They try to convince Natalia that helping it or killing it is the right thing to do. Later as the story goes on the three argue for a long period of time that the bird dies in front of them. The shoulder angel and devil disappear and Natalia goes to work.

Work process(Behind the scenes)
I the animator and script writer of the animation spent about 5 hours in total creating the project. The budget for the video was 0 dollars(YEAH). The creation required the stamina of looking at a computer screen for quite a long time. Since my animation contained a lot of backdrop switching I took a long time to finish. There really wasn’t any problem during the making.
Thank You for reading
Tenzin J

This is my script and project details




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