The issue is mental illness mistreatment. Mental Illness range of conditions that affect mood, thinking, and behavior. Most people who are poor or can not afford medical care they do not receive proper care. I am passionate about the issue because some people like to take advantage of mentally illed people and can manipulate them. Also most people who are mentally ill do not receive proper care and they end up doing things that can harm other people or themselves.

I did not really know much about this topic except that some people were not being treated properly and also bothered me how a lot people would blame events on mental illness when it is not like that. People can not abuse the disease it is a real thing not a joke. I now know how young people with mental illness are not taken seriously. I also know how elders with mental illness are taken serious. Now i know that doctors do not take mental health as serious as physical health. I learned how our government is against providing more funds for mental health which is no surprise. tech project changed two


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