In this day and age, we are very lucky to be in first world countries and have the privilege and right to education provided for us. We should be further grateful for the fact that our K-12 education is free of cost to us. While some places around the world are not as fortunate as us. To show our gratitude we have the ability to help change this lack of education in developing countries. While it would not be easy every bit makes a difference. To be able to make a change it is necessary to know the different aspects of the problem, such as the victims, solutions, and the opponents. Along with this is needed to familiarize ourselves with potential allies, all of which is mentioned in the video down below, in order to make a change. As said by Barbara Mikulski, “Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change.”


For this assignment, this issue is personal for me. As my family and I immigrated from Bangladesh to America, it was for the purpose of a better life as well so I would be able to receive a good education. Which is one that is lacking in Bangladesh. So, I feel that I have that responsibility to do my part in order to raise awareness to this problem and by helping to find impacting solutions to this problem.


Prior to researching for this assignment, I was aware of the issue and a had a general idea of the problems in reaching a solution. However, from completing this project and doing extensive research I found out that there were many more factors that were causing this problem. Also, I found a very good solution that would take a big step to solving the problem. Which was the idea of arranging classes by the level of knowledge rather than by age because then teachers would not have to spend their time and resources compensating for those who are severely behind. Also, the children would not feel the sense that they are behind, which can impact the student’s desire and will for completing their education. Overall, this solution is just one of the many possible solutions that could help end this problem, now all that’s left is for the world be more informed and eventually, each small difference will end up making a big change.


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