How will the raiders leaving affect oakland?



People are going to lose their jobs and how the hard core fans will feel hopeless and how they don’t want them to leave and how much money there going to spend to build the stadium  and  fans from oakland might not be able to go watch the raiders in las vegas and how they should not take the name raiders  and they should come up with their own name. All of this will affect oakland because they will not a NFL team and there going to lose a lot of jobs.

Paragraph 1: the people are going to be affected

-Loose their jobs

-People are going to feel hopeless

Paragraph 2: The Fans are going to be sad

-Hard core fans

-They don’t want them to leave

Paragraph 3: Las Vegas

-The stadium being built

-How much money is going to be spent to build it

-They should come up with their own name

-Will the fans visit

Paragraph 1


People will lose their jobs  because a lot of people work for the raiders and at the oakland coliseum  people are going to lose their jobs the oakland coliseum is not going to need the staff so there going to get fired and people who work for the raiders will lose their jobs because people work for the raiders and they might not be able to move to las vegas so the might have to quit and get a new job and they get paid as much and lose the place where they live because they could not pay bills. Also the fans might  feel hopeless because they might feel that the raiders be trade them and they might not want

Another NFL team to come to oakland and they might feel hopeless because they feel be a article i readed about  how people are going to lose their jobs in the article it said people said “people feel hopeless now that the team is leaving it’s not just about football.Bobbitt founded the oakland coliseum economic impact “article this shows that

Paragraph 2


Hardcore fans might feel betrayed because the team that they been following is leaving them. Also the hardcore fans don’t want them to leave to because they been with them in there ups and downs so they will not want them to leave. Also the hardcore fans had waste a lot of money to go watch the game and to buy jersey.they might not want them to leave because the raiders might be the last time they live see them and they might not be able to go to las vegas and watch and if the will still stay  in oakland they might be able to go watch them play.


Paragraph 3


In las vegas they are going to build a new stadium for raiders that is going to cost 950 million dollar but they can spend that money on people that need money. They could donate that money to the family’s of the las vegas shooting.also the fans will not be able to go see the raiders on las vegas because they will have to pay for a hotel and still have to pay for the ticket so they will not want to see the raiders because they will spend to much money so they will not not want to go look at them.


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  1. Kevin 11 months ago

    I do feel bad that the raiders are leaving because i will watch their game every saturday.

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