My issue that I decided to make a video on was human trafficking. Human trafficking is a form of illegal modern slavery, that still goes on to this day in various places. People use human trafficking to their advantages such as , seual exploitation or labor. I am passionate about this issue because it always interested me. Also the topic of human trafficking is not brought up much in conversations, especially when conversing about crimes, although it is one of the most common illegal crimes.
Before researching this topic, I did not know much. I knew human trafficking happened in many places, of course in secret. Prior to learning more about human trafficking I also knew it affected many people, boys and girls from children to adults. After recording the video, I now know labor is the leading cause of human trafficking, totaling to more than 50% of human traffickers being used for labor of all sorts. Labor includes, state labor exploitation, child labor and more.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Human trafficking: Modern Slavery by Lizbeth is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Shanika 3 months ago

    Dear Lizbeth,

    I made my video about human trafficking as well. I’m glad that you’re passionate on this topic as well since the group, the Rose Thorn Project, is very concerned with spreading awareness about human trafficking. I like how you mentioned that human trafficking has happened in many places secretly, which exemplifies how so many people get away with this horrid crime. With everyone’s help we can make sure that so many people that are currently in danger, return to their peaceful lives and their families. Most of the humans that are trafficked are also children, which makes the situation even more critical since they are more vulnerable and have a long life ahead of them.
    Thanks for your writing.

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