There are many endangered animals which are suffering and undergoing many struggles, mainly as a result of the changes being imposed to their natural habitats. I’ll be talking about the Kakapo and how it’s declining population dated back to the first inhabitants in New Zealand, the Maori. I decided to focus on the Kakapo because when I found about about their current population, it was extremely low. Before I started researching about the Kakapo I knew that their population was extremely low and that the Maori were the main reason for their population being now labeled as critically endangered.

     Although I had a basic knowledge of the Kakapo’s issue, I had barely any understanding of their past and what factors contributed to their current state today. Thus, through this project it enabled me to find out about its critical state and the way associations are trying to avoid their extinction, hoping to put the Kakapo out of the endangered list for good.



CC BY-SA 4.0 Today’s Critically Endangered Kakapos by Gabriela is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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