I decided to make an informative video about sex trafficking because I felt that the issue needed to be more known to the public, in the rawest way possible. It is crucial that everyone is aware and alert about this crime, because sex trafficking can really happen to anyone. I felt even more passionate towards this topic because it was one I was really unaware of. As a matter of fact, I had only once heard about sex trafficking for the first time in 9th grade during a debate. Growing up in a very conservative family, I felt that I was never really exposed to the dirty secrets of my environment. Coming upon sex trafficking as a topic to research, both allowed me to realize the secrets I was hidden from, and entice an encouragement in myself to do something about it.
Like I mentioned before, I basically new NOTHING about sex trafficking; the only thing I was really aware of was that it had to do with sex. As I worked on this project both in class and out, I started to ask myself and others alot of questions. Although I probably annoyed my Technology teacher and my tablemates, the answers were what allowed me to start off my research and argument. It was then when I realized the true brutality and disgust of sex trafficking. Now, after being done with the project, I learned the basics of sex trafficking; what it is, the victims, statistics, opposers, and possible solutions. To be honest, the basics were really all I could include within the 2 minute time range, but within that time, I hope that I was able to open up a new perspective on the issue. If you are ever bored, check out some interviews with sex trafficking victims and their testimonies; you’ll want to do something.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Today: SEXtrade by Rachel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Lihie A. 11 months ago

    I completely agree sex trafficking is sick. You are basically abusing abusing someone and leaving them defenseless. I believe people need to see exactly what is happening and people don’t understand the real meaning of sex trafficking until it happens to one of their loved ones. I think it’s time to put a stop to this. It’s ridiculous how people are abusing people even little kids from the age of seven and the elderly too. I feel like people do not really understand how big the number is of the number of people who were affected by sex trafficking. 20.9 MILLION people. That may not sound like a big number, but it is. Think about young children are losing there virginity forcefully. Old frail elderly people are left defenseless unable to fight back to this because they are to weak. Who makes old people have sex forcefully.People who are sex trafficking are abusing kids and others using them as slaves.

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