The issue that I am focussing on is sexism in religion.  Just to clarify, I am not implying that religion is bad and we should all be atheists.  However, I am trying to shed light on the fact that our religious teachings are not perfect and that they have some sexist elements in them.  I am passionate about this topic because I am a female who is religious, so sexism in religion affects me personally.  As a youth who wants to create a better future for herself and others, I believe this video will give me the opportunity to share my feelings on this issue.  Expressing my feelings is a type of activism because it allows me to join forces with the other people who also see the problems with some aspects of religious teachings.


Before doing the research I already knew a lot about this issue.  I knew that people are considered unholy in many countries during their period.  Example: In Hindu countries females who are menstruating are not able to go to the temples, enter kitchens, eat separately and in some extreme cases “hide” from their male relatives.  Another example in Nepal is of the goddess Kumari, a Nepali god that is reincarnated in many girls who have not started their period.These little girls are worshipped and treated like girls prior to starting puberty.  However when they start their period, they are stripped of the title of Kumari and are considered normal people.  This would lead to a hatred towards a very natural coming of age process which is very detrimental.  Both these examples show that though I knew about the topic, I was not aware about sexism in other religions.  After researching the topic, I learned about sexist beliefs in other religions like Christianity and Islam.  This information further strengthened my argument and made it even more obvious that there are issues in all religions that need to be changed by changing our mindset.

Unit 3 Project Submission (Mar 29, 2018 at 11_09 PM)



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  1. Yoseline 1 year ago

    You have done a good job in what you are explaining.

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