The issue at hand involves North Korea’s ongoing missile tests that are endangering people within the distances of the missiles. Kim Jong-Un has continually made agreements regarding the suspension of North Korea’s nuclear program. However, each time an agreement was made, Kim Jong-Un has broken off the agreement or missed deadlines. I am passionate about the issue because the people I know, haven’t met, and myself are in danger. I don’t want to see more grief spread around our country being that Kim Jong-Un wants the missiles to reach the United States of America. Also, I don’t want to see the country I live in crumble down to pieces from a possible World War II. It would be a horrible and terrifying circumstance for this country to go through again.

Before starting this project I knew that North Korea were conducting missile tests and that it was feeding into targeting for the United States. I knew the general idea of the issue but I didn’t realize how many issues there are beneath the basis of it. I learned the repeating history of Kim Jong-Un breaking off the agreements made to banish his nuclear program. I now know how the power of the missiles have increased dramatically. The missiles have also increased in the matter that it has reached extreme distances. I learned the specific issues with communication between North Korea, South Korea, Japan, and the United States. Over all, I learned the issues embedded into the missile tests that are making it more difficult to solve the situation.


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