Health Care. It is an industry that works on maintaining and improving the human health by providing medical services, manufacturing medical equipment and developing pharmaceutical. Unlike other industrialized nations, the United States’ health care falls behind these other nations for numerous reasons and therefore negatively impacts the citizens of the U.S. This issue is important to me because the point of healthcare is for it to provide an easy access for medical help and equipment. However, the U.S has not provided every U.S. citizen this easy access and because of that thousands of people are unnecessarily dying in the U.S. It is important that we resolve this issue because you do not know who it will impact next. Maybe it will be a stranger. Maybe it will be your own family.


Before I did this project I thought health care was not a relevant issue in the U.S. However after I began this project and informed myself about this issue I realized health care is a very important issue that should definitely be addressed. I learned how some problems, such as cost, the care provided, etc, puts the health care in America as one of the worst. As I researched this project I found out that one of the best healthcare in the world (in the UK) provides health care for free for every citizen and the way they pay their health care is through taxes. Due to how well the health care is I believe the U.S. should follow what the UK is doing and save lives that would be unnecessarily killed if we keep on using the health care system we are using today in the United States.


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