My topic is concerning the discrimination against Muslims. Muslims are followers of Islam, and lately it has become a stereotype that Muslims are violent, and wish to attack the United States. With me being a Muslim myself, I can say Muslims are actually non-violent people that are discriminated against due to the 9/11 event.

Before I researched my topic, I generally knew Muslims were disliked, and treated vainly. I knew what stemmed this type of reaction towards Muslims was the 9/11 events, which resulted in a misconception that Islam was a religion of violence. However, as I went deeper into this topic I found hate crimes towards Muslims that ranged from physical threats to vandalizing the property of Muslims. I realized people held preconceptions about Muslims without even trying to get to know them, which is unfair. Nobody deserves to be hated by others because of their religion, and should be afraid of practicing their religious rights just because others dislike it.



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  1. Melissa 3 years ago

    Dear, Fabbiha

    I am very happy that you brought this statement out because many people don’t understand what they say can harm people now a days. Your post really helped me understand that the harm people are causing to the muslims is more than what I thought it was because of 9/11. Muslims shouldn’t be described because of one event and you proved that as a Muslim yourself it is sad that people might think you are violent because of your religion.

    One thing you said that stands out for me is: “Before I researched my topic, I generally knew Muslims were disliked, and treated vainly.” I think this is sad because it shows that Muslims have already been put on the spot for being “violent”. You said you were a Muslim and this is really cool how you decided to open up about this.

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