The issue I am focusing on is police violence toward blacks especially when the victim was unarmed. What’s worse is the violence eventually leads to the death of the victim. I wanted to focus on this topic because I see often on social media and people sharing stories or videos like this. This made me want to focus on this topic because of how common it is making me comfortable doing it because I see it so often. I specifically focused on blacks because most videos I’ve seen are people of color in these situations therefore, focused on black to show how police are targeting a specific color.
Before this project, I did not really know stats and how bad the situation was. All I knew was it happened pretty often because of news and videos on social media. I knew blacks were the majority getting killed unarmed compared to the population to other races. I knew people did try to help the problem by protesting about black lives matter which did help the issue a bit, but the problem still seemed like it was really common. I also saw most situations like this where it was a white police targeting a black however, never really saw black cops treating blacks in this way. You see a lot of videos of people recording police violence while screaming how it is being recorded because it happens so often and no one ever does anything about it, it is being filmed a lot so it can be used as proof.
After doing some research, I realized how much percentage of deaths by cops were blacks who had no weapon on them. The percentage was much higher than I expected and it was higher than all the other races. The number of people getting killed unarmed might not be the highest for blacks, however, compared to the total, blacks do have the highest percentages. I noticed this situation in the police force where a police named Eric Garner got killed for selling cigarettes. At first I thought police would treat others within the same force better however, after seeing this, I came to a realization how they probably have this hate towards all people of color. I thought it was a matter of power for police when they treat people of color with violence because police obviously have more power than citizens however, after the Eric Garner situation I cycle of thought changed.

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