The issue is whether illegal immigrants be deported or be allowed to stay in the US. I am passionate about this issue because this is a serious issue that can change or shape a country’s political viewpoint about immigrants. Before starting this project I know many people, such as women, men and senior citizens are being deported back to their home country. Many have experience hardships in their home country and tried to escape these problems by coming to the US. By coming to the US gives them the opportunity to find a better job/life. Illegal immigrants can benefit a country.

Many people suggest to let illegal immigrants to stay in the US. For example, there are about 70% that agree to let stay, while only about 20% think they should be deported. It is important to understand immigrants are the ones that make a more diverse and cultural society. Without them, we could not have the different kinds of music, food, language, ethnicity, culture in this country. They are the building blocks of today’s world.


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