The issue I have decided to focus on is the pay gap between men and women. Due to this, there is a disparity between men and women. In the workforce, females tend to receive a lower wage whether they work the same hours or the same quality as men would.

I am passionate about the this issue because it is the 21st Century and these conflicts should not even exist. Women receive the shorter the end of the stick no matter how much they put into their jobs. Although this does not occur throughout the whole workforce, a significant amount of women are treated less than men.

Before starting this project, I generally had an idea of the pay gap between men and women. I knew that men generally get more money than women but what I did not know was how huge the difference is. After researching this issue, I have realized that the men’s wage practically double the amount women get. Not only that, but men in all of United States get paid more compared to women. I initially thought that women generally have equal wage with men. However, all the statistics I gathered proved that women do not even come close as to how much men receive which I found ironic. America is known for its just ways, freedom and equality. And yet, the pay gap between male and females are great, nonetheless.


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